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NPC 0.0 and Destructible Station Services

The CSM minutes were recently released and in it they said:

Station Services on NPC Nullsec Stations
The CSM noted that the most optimal alliance type in terms of income and power projection presently has no sov at all; the so-called ‘Iceberg’ alliances which live in NPC stations, amass supercapitals, and hold high-value moons for income. (This is because the largest sources of income available to alliances are technetium moons, which have no requirement of sov-holding, and these income sources are easily defended by a large supercapital fleet. By contrast, holding sov is a drain on alliance income.)

The CSM noted that if outposts are going to be destructible, it is important for CCP to balance NPC nullsec stations as well. The CSM advocated adding station services to NPC nullsec stations which can be disabled, like the services on a conquerable station. Unlike a conquerable station’s services, which need to be repaired by players, these NPC station services would regenerate over time.  The CSM stated that something like this is necessary so that sov-holding alliances can retaliate against non-sov alliances using NPC stations as risk-free launchpads for invasion against sovholders. The CSM noted that it doesn’t wish to have an entire region of NPC stations disabled, which is why regeneration of disabled services on NPC stations is needed. The CSM is concerned by the use of NPC stations in large-scale alliance warfare, but at the same time does not want retaliatory attacks against the stations to unduly impact small-gang activity.

CCP offered a suggestion of having a capital-only docking service added to NPC stations that could be disabled. The CSM agreed that this might work, as long as the service would regenerate over time.

I contend that the CSM is wholly wrong in this matter.  The way to counter people living in nullsec stations already exists and has been in use for quite a number of years now. You have to remember that just because the rule set governing NPC space – whether high sec, low sec, or NPC 0.0 – is different from sov 0.0 doesn’t make it wrong. Variety in the rules of space is actually a good thing – and I might even argue that raiders attacking sov space from NPC 0.0 is also a good thing.

Sov holders should have access to exactly the same options as anyone else already living in any particular NPC space – and just like anyone else that wants to attack a group of people living in NPC space, a sov holder should have to physically occupy the space in question and deprive your enemies of the opportunity to use that space. Yes, its different… and yes thats ok. Its even a good thing.

I originally formulated this thought here.


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