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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Educational Video: Stagger your neuts

Capacitor Warfare in Eve is intended to shut down your enemy’s active modules – such as their tank, guns, and tackle mods.  Unfortunately, its sometimes hard to know how to utilize capacitor warfare.  It might seem counter-intuitive at first because you’ll get less total neuting in the same time period, but its best not to “nuke” someone’s capacitor – but instead to supply a slow and steady drain on their capacitor by spacing your neutralizers out.  This is a short video [] which illustrates a Dominix [] with 5 neuts and the results of its failure to stagger neuts.

The thing to notice is that he leads his attack with a full nuke of my capacitor, and then he continues to do this like clockwork as his modules cycle.  Unfortunately, the lengthy neut cycle time gives me plenty of time to regain and use my capacitor for 1-2 shield boost cycles.  Thus, his drones + sentry guns are not able to break the tank on my Scimitar.  However, if you look at how much capacitor I gained in the 2-3 seconds between when spaced out neuts would have arrived…. its just not much.  Certainly not enough to power my tank.

Thus, remember: Less total neuting but much more effective neuting once your enemy gets to the bottom of their capacitor reserve.

Here’s the video:


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