Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Making ISK

I was responding to a post [eve-o] about L4 missioning and concluded with:

I typically ran with a Tengu/CNR/Golem combo in high sec and a Vargur in 0.0. Then I realized that level 4 missions are one of the worst ways to make ISK in Eve and stopped doing them.

Obviously, this lead to the natural question of just what I actually do for ISK.  And this was my answer [eve-o]:

If I had to scrape up some ISK quick, I’d do one of the following (in order):
– Sell some stock on the market. This is how I make the overwhelming majority of my ISK.
– C2 WH with a C2 static. I think I’d like to try this with a Kronos, but I know that Sleipnir + Noctis generally pulls in 100-150M/hr. This is where I make my “PVE ISK”.
– Low Sec FW. My bomber pilots are hands down the most profitable thing I’ve ever done. My peak ISK/hr over an 8 hour period was around 450M/hr and the price of Slicers is looking pretty good [hint, hint].
– Low sec L5s. I’ve done this in a solo PVP (triage fit!) Nidhoggur, but I think I’d like to try it in an actual mission fit with a marauder on the side. Solo Niddy pulled in ~100M/hr and I’m betting an actual mission fit + marauder could bump it to above 200M/hr.
– 0.0 L4s + High sec AFK L4s. I guess this was pulling in ~120-170M hr, depending on whether I got camped in 0.0. I was using a Vargur in 0.0 and an overtanked FOF Tengu in high sec.

Just to be clear, I make most of my ISK from the market. The goal here is to do what I want to do in Eve and not spend time hamstrung by a lack of ISK.

Also, I forgot that I spent several months training up a series of PI alts and still haven’t done anything with them. Invading a C1 WH for them would be a good plan too.

The thing about it is that I don’t currently have any hard and fast ways to prove what my income stream has been during any particular part of my career in Eve.  I used to, but time has worn away the information.  But, I feel like these are reasonable ballparks.


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