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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Drunk Liang, Best Liang

First off: let me apologize for my extended absence.  It’s not that I’m not thinking about posting, it’s just that life’s been a bit unkind.  My wife is pretty sick and the project at work is Epic Failing, so I haven’t had any time, effort, or energy to devote to forum warrioring and blogging.  I have, however, had time time to get absolutely smashed and miraculously type the password to log into Eve.

Man, there’s been so much inner-corp crap happened since last time I blogged.  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • We moved out of the C2 / Low Sec + C2 wormhole.  The core problem was that the wormhole always opened up to the same set of low sec systems, and those systems were pretty bad.
  • We moved briefly to Minmatar low sec while everyone regrouped out of the wormhole.
  • Several people started playing League of Legends.  I think they died or something.  Haven’t seen them since.
  • We moved to Syndicate and have started to slowly reform under the old No Salvation banner as Tomin took over again.

Of course, there’s a lot that could be said about each of those times, but this will have to do for now. So somewhere around the time we move to Minmatar low sec, my wife’s condition deteriorated pretty severely and my time for personal projects (including Eve) began to suffer.  Things deteriorated again recently, and lately it’s become the rule that I’m pretty lit up by the time I log into Eve (if I I log in at all).  I’m told of how I recklessly charge ahead and kill anything that’s nearby, finishing the night by chasing down and killing an X-type fit 100mn PVP Tengu for us.  I also apparently try to solo Sleipnirs in a Brutix with the rest of his gang on the way.  Got him into armor, amazingly.  Without the gang there I might have even got him into structure or even won, judging from the fraps.

I briefly mentioned the work front, but that section of the blog post grew substantially, so I’ll put it in it’s own section.


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