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PVP Videos on Vimeo

A couple days ago Nursultan pointed out that I may be in violation of the Vimeo Terms of Service by posting my PVP videos there.  I disagreed with him because I had taken some care to read the Terms of Service before signing up for an account there – and additionally I’d seen several other PVP videos hosted there.  At any rate, I’m not one to live under a cloud of suspicion (even if its in my own mind) – so I took the initiative to contact Vimeo myself and get an explicit blessing as it was never my intention to break the rules.

Its taken a couple days to get the ticket resolved due to communication lag, but it has been resolved.  Their first response was a positive but vague response that seemed to confirm my interpretation of their uploading guidelines.  However, I wasn’t satisfied with the vague response and asked for an explicit yes or no.  A different representative came back with quite a different answer – one that dramatically disagreed with my interpretation of their uploading guidelines and asked me to take my videos down.

I have already complied with this request and will be moving by videos to a different video hosting service – or perhaps hosting them on my own site.  I’ve been considering getting my own site for various development efforts and this may be the perfect time to go ahead and pull the trigger on that.  For my own reference, my videos had this many views before being pulled down:

  • Amamake Fun I: 589
  • Amamake Fun II: 546
  • Amamake Fun III: 970
  • Amamake Fun IV: 237
  • Amamake Fun V: 21

I’d say that the best thing about pulling my videos down is that I don’t have that much time invested in the site and its still fairly trivial to upload them elsewhere.  I am also considering re-encoding Amamake Fun I at a higher resolution before re-uploading it.


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12 Responses

  1. Nursultan says:

    Meh @ Vimeo where uploading nudity is fine but Eve pewpew isn’t.

  2. Why not simply YouTube?

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Youtube is problematic because it randomly decides who gets to see a particular video. I have no doubt that I’ll have to also distribute videos on Youtube, unfortunately.

      • “randomly decides who gets to see a particular video”

        I’m not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean the “recommended videos” at the end and on the sidebar?

        Usually if I want to see someone’s other videos I don’t rely on that, but rather… you know… just click on their name to get to their channel 🙂

      • Liang Nuren says:

        No, I put a couple of videos up on Youtube and who was able to see them varied widely. Most people in the US were able to see them, but by no means was it guaranteed (seemed ~50% of the Americans I talked to couldn’t see them). People abroad almost universally said they couldn’t see the video. Basically the problem was that my videos were getting automated DMCA takedown notices despite the fact that the DMCA has a specific exception for noncommercial remixers (expires July 2012, but has been repeatedly extended). Now I’d rightly be in trouble if I try to make money off my videos or if I didn’t actually “own” the music in it. But I don’t and I do.

        Anyway, the long and short of it is that Youtube is unacceptable as a place to host my videos – or at least, as the only place to do it.


      • Ohhhh, it’s DMCA problems. That sucks.

        Hope you find a good place to host them!

  3. @Nursultan gief nudity vimeos

    @Liang I’m a go go for Amamake Fun I in higher rez!

    Personally I support 720p/1080p (pseudo) videos on youtube. You can’t download them from there but that’s cool, most people don’t. And hosting a torrent for the .mkv on eve-files is still an option.

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