Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Amamake Fun V

It is with some trepidation that I present Amamake Fun V: the final episode of the Amamake Fun series.  I won’t be putting any more out because the negotiations for joining Heretic Nation have fallen through over a 50M ISK/month alliance fee.  The video itself isn’t interesting without some context to the fights, so I’ll try to provide that here.

Fight 1: Mining Frigs vs Rifter.  We were bored out of our minds and we couldn’t get anyone to engage us even in Imicuses and Kestrels, so we came up with the mining frig idea.  It worked, but by the end of the fight Ahrieman’s Burst was in hull.

Fight 2: Harpy vs Arbitrator.  I was just doing my normal pirate thing when I saw an Arbitrator on D-Scan at a FW plex.  I’d say the most challenging thing about this fight was holding point while I waited for everyone to show up.  I almost solod him, but I did manage to pull DPS in time.  I was telling everyone on vent “DO NOT SHOOT!” but someone came in with weapons primed anyway and Jude didn’t make the mail.

Fight 3: 5 Frigs vs Deimos.  The most interesting thing about this fight is that the Rifter had initial tackle and held point until we got there.  Overall, it was just a perfect example of how we liked to roll in the late night – a bunch of frigs shooting anything we could find to move.

Fight 4: AB Crusader + AB Firetal vs Rupture.  It was actually pretty difficult to fly lay the DPS on with the Crusader because every time I got in close I kept getting neuted.  I was also experimenting with manually piloting that far out, but you can see when I eventually gave up.  Looking at the video now, I can see that it was probably a mistake to give up because my DPS at 13km was basically nothing!

Fight 5: Taranis, Ares, Bomber, Loser in a Tornado vs Drake, Rifter.  This is mostly included because it really highlights a situation that stressed my tank to the max.  That’s exactly what its like to fly a Taranis – you just don’t come home without some structure damage!

Fight 6: Bait Talos (And gang) vs “AFK Cloaker” Proteus + Falcon.  So the back story here is that I came through Amamake and killed someone off the gate, while Presidente Gallente whored on my mail.  Some conversation revealed he might be a bit skittish about engaging something that could fight back, so a few days later I came up with a dastardly plan when I saw him in local: I would rename my Talos “Snipey” and park it 180km off the Oso gate.  Then I’d just sit there like I was sniping.  Amazingly enough, he went for it after 20 minutes or so and the Proteus warped in.  The fight took some time so I edited out the travel time between the Proteus and the Falcon – which amusingly didn’t have a single Gallente jammer on it.

Fight 7: BC brawl on the Dal Gate.  I flew a Brutix in this, and we took GCCs to take on a BC gang of mostly Drakes.  From my recollection we had equal numbers but lost someone to internet problems at the very beginning of the fight.  A quick counting of purples on the screen says it was a (4+1)v5.  I think this might be my favorite fight in the video, because the swing music and double time video really highlight the Brutix’s already impressive DPS.

Fight 8: BC/BS brawl at Ama top belt.  The only reason this fight made it into the video is because it shows us engaging when severely outnumbered and outshipped.  I am overall pretty disappointed with my piloting in it – primarily because twice I try to get back into the fray by approaching someone that was behind me.  The reason I end up so far from the fight is clipped out, but it basically boils down to me warping to Hilda instead of CaptFiend when I came back in at the initial grid spike.  I wasn’t in any immediate danger, so I should probably stop the panic warpout any time grid spikes and a falcon (or two) shows up on the overview.

So long, Amamake.  And thanks for all the fish!

Video link:

UPDATE: Updated links to point at youtube


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10 Responses

  1. Nursultan says:

    A quick question: don’t Vimeo rules prohibit the posting video game recordings?

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Pretty sure that it doesn’t. The rule states that you had to have been closely involved with the creation of the work. I checked the TOC before going with it as my video distribution solution.

      • Nursultan says:

        Interesting. I was looking at the line “You may not upload captures of video games or gameplay, even if edited.” –

      • Liang Nuren says:

        My videos do not actually violate that policy because of the exception clause. The classic definition (and source) of machinima documents speed runs of Quake and multiplayer matches.

      • Liang Nuren says:

        In fact, I specifically picked Vimeo because my videos didn’t violate any of their terms of service. I’ll be glad to take my videos down and find a new hosting site if the presence of my videos offend them.

        I do, after all, have the original sources.

      • Liang Nuren says:

        I put in a request for clarification from Vimeo and we’ll find out soon. I feel like I may as well pull the trigger on potentially having my videos taken down before you do. 🙂

      • Nursultan says:

        Not going to flag/report your vids, was just wondering if I and others should also use Vimeo for this.

      • Liang Nuren says:

        That’s comforting, but I really really wasn’t trying to break the terms of service – which incidentally do NOT mention this or those guidelines. However, the guidelines are on their site and I refuse to live in fear that my videos might be taken down.

        I’m more than happy to follow whatever rules they have about what I post on it, and I would rather spring any traps early before I get even more videos up on the site. Failing all else, I’ll buy a domain and host my videos myself. It’s not THAT hard. 🙂

  2. Vixorz says:

    So, you leaving Heretic Army and Amamake ?
    Where are you going to pewpew now?
    Just curious.

    And btw. Can you post your Brutix fit man? Seems to be shield fitted.

    Nice vid, as always o/

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Yeah, we’re living out of a WH now and roaming low sec as we get it. We’ve had a bad run of low sec exits though – Aridia, Derelik, and then some 3 system low sec pocket in Genesis. Thanks for the nice words – the Brutix fit is:

      7 Neutron II
      Named MWD, Scram II, 2 LSE II
      3 MFS II, DC II, RCU II
      3x CDFE I
      5 Hammers/Valks – sometimes 5 Warriors/5 ECM

      Really whatever drones I can scrape together and throw in the drone bay.

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