Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

The Return of NOSA/PFlux

You may remember that back in November I was looking for a WH or FW corp to join – and then I joined Heretic Army to fly with some friends from my old corps No Salvation/Parsec Flux.  At first, things were going fantastically and I was rolling in kills every night – eventually getting ~320 kills / 19 losses.  I managed to put out four Amamake Fun Videos and have a fifth in the production pipeline.

During this time, most of the old No Salvation / Parsec Flux guys resubbed to Eve and followed us to Heretic Army.  It wasn’t very long before we so thoroughly dominated the late night US TZ Heretic Army that it wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to say that we were a wholly separate corp within a corp – complete with our own long established culture and flying style.  I guess it makes sense too, because we’ve all been flying together since late 2007/early 2008.

I’d say that my time in Heretic Army was pretty great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a corp to any established pirate.  They’re pretty low drama and I especially enjoyed flying with Jude Lloyd and Wili19 when they were around.  There was relatively little inner corp drama during this time, but there were a few incidents (detailed below).

The most publicly visible corp drama was the disbanding and reforming of Heretic Army under newer leadership.  I’m not totally up on the details, but I gather there was some disagreement between the Old School Heretics and the new leadership about the direction of the corp and who owned the corp shares.  While I was aware of this and mildly concerned about potential changes in direction, this barely blipped on my personal drama radar and the situation seems well in hand.

The most memorable inner corp drama (from my perspective) was when an Old School Heretic resubbed and discovered that the corp culture and flying style during the late night US TZ was quite different from what he remembered (and saw during the EU TZ).  He was pretty surprised that we didn’t bow and scrape at the mere mention of his name, and that in fact his name didn’t carry any weight with us.  E-peen waving literally brought the situation to blows – fortunately he managed bail his ship (and crystal clone) out with a Falcon alt.

The last bit of drama was long simmering and low grade.  Basically, at a certain point the late US TZ PVP in Amamake just kinda dried up.  Maybe its because we hired too many new pilots for one system, maybe it was because we strangled the flow of traffic into Amamake with Orca camps, or maybe it was because I started putting out PVP videos.  No matter its source, this resulted in the old Parsec guys doing lots of roams and the hilarious (but aborted) Operation Poison Ivy.  This is the biggest contributor to our decision to reform Parsec Flux and return to Wormhole space.

Now that we’ve reformed under the Parsec Flux banner we are negotiating for membership in the Heretic Nation alliance.  There’s absolutely no advantage to it from our perspective, but we love our pirate brosefs in Heretic Army enough to make an offer that I consider to be substantially in their favor.  The negotiations appear to be stalled and I’ll have to get on comms with Finkov and Jude soon, but that’s proving to be difficult given how widely varied our timezones are.

I’ll discuss the actual taking of our wormhole soon, but suffice it to say that it was a success despite repeated Epic Failures.


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  1. Trinkets friend says:

    Corp share dynamics and mechanisms are…fucktarded to say the least. Jesus.

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