Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Amamake Fun IV

Amamake Fun IV: (UPDATE: This video is currently not online. Its too long to go on youtube and has been taken down from Vimeo)

I fraps most fights that I get into these days (thanks Rift!), and as a result I found myself with a pretty substantial collection of mostly solo frig fights in Amamake.  I thought about including some non-Amamake fights but decided it would violate the spirit of my mostly ignored Amamake Fun series.  The fights in question come mostly from arranged 1v1s, though some of it obviously wasn’t.  I salute every single person that I fought in these videos, and I thank you for the fight.  Good fights, again. 🙂

As with all of the videos I’m trying something different with the soundtracks.  I thought about starting with Nuttin but Stringz and sticking strictly to the modern classical style, but I just didn’t have enough of it to complete the video without feeling relying too heavily one 1-2 artists.  In the end I decided to roll with a mostly Electronica soundtrack, and I’m not totally convinced this is the right way to do this particular video.  I’m not really sure where I ended up with Ming and Fs but I have it and it sounded ok and fit with the original style I wanted to use.  I highly recommend picking up Beats Antique and Nuttin but Stringz though – both are excellent and I enjoyed the full albums.

This is the fight order:

  • Harpy vs Cyclone
  • Harpy vs Rupture
  • Taranis vs 2 Rifters (They came in staggered and appear as two separate fights)
  • Taranis vs 2 Rifters
  • Taranis vs Taranis
  • Vengeance vs Ishkur
  • Taranis vs Wolf
  • Harpy vs Wolf
  • Harpy vs Taranis

This is the soundtrack:

  • Beats Antique
  • Nuttin but Stringz
  • Ming and Fs
  • Daft Punk

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One Response

  1. Marc Scaurus says:

    Just finished watching this (and all the other Amamake Fun videos) – pretty entertaining way to kick off the week. Keep it up!

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