Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Bomber Roam

I’ve pretty well stopped blogging about my roams, because well frankly they’re every night.  But, tonight’s roam was interesting because it was smacky.  So tonight is my third recent bomber roam. In the first, I solo killed a Harbinger with my Manticore. In the second, we killed a whole bunch of stuff.  Tonight, we started off moved from Amamake to Ardar without finding our first kill.  There Tomin found a flashy Amarr Empire Hurricane in Hadozeko on the Ardar gate.  The Hurricane jumped through and Tomin nailed the tackle – we jumped into Ardar from Frerstorn and warped to the Hado gate.  Hurricane down.  Just after that (we hadn’t even had time to scoop loot yet), Late Night Alliance (Minnie FW) jumped in with a flashy Hurricane (Manos Kdo) which we obviously engaged.  Then they jumped in a whole bunch of stuff.  Being the good pirates we are, we disengaged.  This is the conversation that followed in local:

[06:25:02] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Ardar
[06:31:32] Liang Nuren > gf
[06:31:36] Tomin Highborn > gf
[06:31:41] SaB0TaG3 > gf
[06:31:43] Hahbahdahishboo > gf
[06:32:36] Manos Kdo > gf
[06:32:48] Liang Nuren > huh
[06:32:50] Liang Nuren > big enough blob?
[06:32:59] Manos Kdo > yes we formed it up for you
[06:33:00] Tyrolen > RUN FORREST
[06:33:04] Tyrolen > FUCKIN RUUUUUUUUN
[06:33:15] Hilda B9 > was the cane your scout?
[06:33:18] Tyrolen > Then qq about roaming blobs specifically meant to kill you. Hint: you’re not that special, cupcake.
[06:33:20] Manos Kdo > yes
[06:33:28] Liang Nuren > I didn’t say you formed up to kill us, you moron
[06:33:29] Manos Kdo > the cane is me MEEEEE
[06:33:39] Liang Nuren > I asked if you had a big enough blob
[06:33:40] Hilda B9 > nah the one we just killed
[06:33:46] Manos Kdo > moron thats so hurtful try retard or fuckwit
[06:33:51] Liang Nuren > I do like fuckwit
[06:33:57] Liang Nuren > its not even censored on Eve-O
[06:33:58] Manos Kdo > 🙂
[06:34:05] Tyrolen > Dock in orcas more you worthless fuckin tic
[06:34:14] Liang Nuren > lol
[06:34:18] Liang Nuren > look how stupid you are

Of course, I don’t ever make use of the Orca or even camp the Ossogur gate – for a lot of reasons, really.  The biggest reason is that its really lame.  That’s why you find me fighting outnumbered and outshipped most of the time (which is quite distinct from saying I won’t take the random free kill where we outnumber or outship the enemy).  At any rate, he immediately jumped out of local and then sent me this evemail:

From: Tyrolen
Sent: 2012.02.11 06:35
To: Liang Nuren,

As the douchebags who dock in orcas at the first sign of trouble. You fucking pussy. Shut the fuck up.

And then, of course, he blocked me.  LOL.


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  1. Korg says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……that is all

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