Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Sunday PVP

As a general rule, Sundays are a great day for market PVP and a terrible day for spaceship PVP.  Today seemed much the same to me, though a large part of that was probably because I went through the long and arduous process of reviewing, deleting, and re-encoding my steadily accumulating fraps collection (150-200GB).  At least I had the occasion to spend most of that time chatting with friends on vent – which is what I was doing when Hahbs relayed The Call to us: a Thanatos was tackled in Egg.

So all of us that could immediately switched vents over to the Heretic vent while logging in.  I took a brief moment to settle on a ship – we needed damage so that meant either the Brutix (1000 DPS of face melting neutron damage) or the Talos (less DPS but much more range).  I figured the Talos would be better equipped to deal with the fighters and drones, and the Brutix had absolutely no defense against neuts – so the Talos it was.  I undocked and made a bee line towards Egg.  Most of us – me included – were pretty fortunate in that we only had to travel two jumps, but AshenShugar01 came from much further away – charging 11 jumps though dangerous high sec while the faction police dogged his every step.

I got the fleet invite as soon as I entered system, but I was already in warp to asteroid belt 7-1.  I landed the second point on the Thanny, which allowed Airframe to go ship up from his Dramiel.  It wasn’t terribly long before Hahbs was there in his Curse and Wili in his Hurricane, and it would seem that both of them were more interesting targets for the fighters than my Talos.  When the fighters were in range (most of the time), I’d shoot at them… but I spent more than a little time shooting the carrier too.

When the thanny found that Wili kept warping out, he put his fighters on me… but I didn’t have any real trouble with them and did some kiting and web action to lay many of his fighters low.  Soon enough, all the fighters were down and we began to shoot the carrier in earnest – by this time I’d probably taken him down to denting armor.  With all of us shooting him he was dropping fast – faster than any of us expected.  And, he wasn’t repping… which meant that maybe the curse had capped him out much earlier than we’d anticipated.

By the time the carrier was hitting half structure – still no neuts and no repping – AshenShugar01 was landing in his Dramiel.  He just didn’t have time to ship up once he got there and frankly he deserved to get on the mail – by all rights the fight should have lasted much longer than it did and he was very generous in dropping everything to come help us out.  And, of course, the carrier went down [killboard] – much to the lulz of everyone involved.

AshenShugar01 found as an Imicus a few seconds later (boy howdy, is he fast on that scanner!) and then it was time for us all to head home.  Amamake, as was expected of a Sunday night, was freaking quiet… and I was just about to go to bed when I undocked one more time.

And there was an Arbitrator on the station with me.  Ok, that’s fine – start to lock him up and he warped off.  I warped to 3-1 and did some D-scanning to find him at a Minmatar plex.  I warned everyone I was going in as I hit the acceleration gate.  I went in expecting to burn after the Arbitrator only to find he was right on the entrance.  As expected, he came at me with TD, neuts, scram, and drones.  He wasn’t hitting me particularly hard but it was devilishly hard to hold a point on him.  I burned a few cap booster charges holding it, but hold the point I did – and while I was at it I took him to a very tiny sliver of structure.  3 out of 4 of us managed to get on the mail before the last 120 damage was delivered.  Jude did manage to snag the pod, and he refused ransom… so that was that.

So then I warp from the plex back to 3-1 and there’s Darthewok (a forum warrior of sorts) in a prophecy 230 above the belt.  I wait for a minute or so to see if he’s going to warp down to me, but he doesn’t so I tell Jude to warp in 200km above the belt and tackle him.  Which he does, and I warp up to help out with the Harpy.  And – as usual – I’m the tank.  He’s got me with a disruptor + scram + web + neut and I’m actually taking a fair amount of damage from him despite my close orbit.  Through the flashes of status text I get the vague impression that he’s running frigate guns on the Prophecy, which makes an evil kind of sense.  I chewed through even more cap boosters holding my tank up, but it seemed he clicked orbit and I managed to counter-orbit him for even higher transversal – gotta love that damage mitigation.  I held up the counter orbit until he died, and we exchanged GFs in local as he rejected the ransom.

Well, not such a bad Sunday for PVP afterall!


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