Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Amamake Fun III

I present Amamake Fun III which appears to consist entirely of fights in the Harpy.  You can see some of these fights on Hahbs PVP video.

Fight 1: I included the Taranis/Harpy vs 2 Jag fight because it really illustrates how far my frigate piloting skills have come.  Also, at the time Jags were considered OP compared to blaster ships. 🙂

Fight 2: The Brutix fight is interesting primarily because its the result of some mad shit talking from Club Bear – the shit talking has gone from local to twitter to talk of hot drops and finally culminated in an attempted gank on my Harpy at Amamake top belt with a pair of BCs.  There seems to be some grumbling over how their attempted gank turned into an actual fight.  During this fight my computer is really working  The video might seem a little bit jerky at that point and that’s with good reason – I was dual clienting, re-encoding a video, and frapsing.  The video is actually much smoother than my video was.

Perhaps the most important thing to learn from this fight is that orbit is fucking terrible.  The Brutix’s liberal use of orbit allows me to successfully counter-orbit him and keep the transversal much higher than it would normally have been.

Fight 3: This fight consists of a Thrasher/Harpy/Taranis attempting to gank a Stabber Fleet.  The real magic here is seeing whether we can take a bait SFI before the blob (including 2 guardians) arrives.

Fight 4: Harpy/Jaguar/Dramiel/Vengeance/Firetail/Hurricane vs 2 claw/2 wolf/2 slicer/ishkur/3 stabber fleet/vexor navy/ferox/tornado/raven/20+ Ivy League.  This last fight is interesting in the sense that it really illustrates how over the top the new Harpy tank is.  At one point I’m primaried by the entire enemy fleet – which includes heavily neuted, quad scrammed, and triple webbed.  I think I could have performed better in the situation by making sure I kept my nos on and turning my guns back on after they’re neuted off.  I also should have utilized my natural resists against the Ferox and tackled the second SFI.  But, all things considered I think that fight went fairly well.  We ended up bailing out of the fight when Ivy League spiked local and brought in a bunch of BCs, BSs, and ewar cruisers.  We did hold the field in the end as Ivy didn’t loot the field or stay long enough for us to ship up and come back.

Here’s a bare link to the video:

UPDATE: Updated video links to pont at youtube


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