Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Amamake Fun II

I am pleased to present Amamake Fun II [].  I’ve been working on my transitions a bit and I feel like I made some really good headway here.  I don’t think it was strictly necessary to enumerate the ships on both sides of the fight.. and in some ways it was a little misleading.  For instance, in Amamake Fun I [] the Scorpion doesn’t arrive until quite late in the fight.  I saw a pretty reasonable way [] of dealing with illustrating what side people are on, but I don’t think my video editing talents are quite up to par enough for that.  I also don’t like all the flashy video effects… so expect to continue seeing mostly uncut fights slowly unfolding.

The fights actually take place in a different order than they’re presented in the video.  The order is actually the second fight [killboard], then the third fight [killboard], and then the first fight [killboard].  The fourth fight is actually an example of how I’d like to start PVPing – without local, d-scan, or convo windows up.  Its also an example of pretty reasonable Harpy piloting in my opinion.  However even in the first (latest) fight I can watch the video and see that my Talos piloting has so obviously improved since the beginning – but there’s still so much room to grow into it.

I think my biggest mistake is trying to maintain too much range and being scared of letting people approach me with scrams and webs.  I also came up with some new maneuvering options that I can quickly pull that will help keep me from overshooting so far in the future – it doesn’t do a whole lot of good if you consistently run away from the enemy and lose point!  I think maybe the next problem is that I use Null so much that I forget I actually have the option of closing up and using Antimatter (or even Void I suppose) when I finally pull someone away from the rest of their fleet.

Expect piloting improvements in the future!

UPDATE: Updated video links to point at Youtube


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