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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Educational Video: Stagger your neuts

Capacitor Warfare in Eve is intended to shut down your enemy’s active modules – such as their tank, guns, and tackle mods.  Unfortunately, its sometimes hard to know how to utilize capacitor warfare.  It might seem counter-intuitive at first because you’ll get less total neuting in the same time period, but its best not to “nuke” someone’s capacitor – but instead to supply a slow and steady drain on their capacitor by spacing your neutralizers out.  This is a short video [] which illustrates a Dominix [] with 5 neuts and the results of its failure to stagger neuts.

The thing to notice is that he leads his attack with a full nuke of my capacitor, and then he continues to do this like clockwork as his modules cycle.  Unfortunately, the lengthy neut cycle time gives me plenty of time to regain and use my capacitor for 1-2 shield boost cycles.  Thus, his drones + sentry guns are not able to break the tank on my Scimitar.  However, if you look at how much capacitor I gained in the 2-3 seconds between when spaced out neuts would have arrived…. its just not much.  Certainly not enough to power my tank.

Thus, remember: Less total neuting but much more effective neuting once your enemy gets to the bottom of their capacitor reserve.

Here’s the video:


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  1. katsumi1980 says:

    Interesting. I never would have thought about staggering mine before reading about this. I’m new to the nuet/ecm role. I’ve heard people say the same thing about ECM boats “stagger those ECM’S!”. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Nice illustration. The neut staggering I knew about. Your jumping through the gate then reapproaching is what I’m curious about. Was that in order to confuse them?

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Well it was for two things: I landed on the gate a bit earlier than I should have and we didn’t know what they had on the other side. That’s why I d-scanned once I was there

  3. Excellent advice. Starred.

  4. Miss423 says:

    Pffft, you’re just another blob 🙂 Give an example that doesn’t including outnumbering the enemy 3:1 with ships and DPS.

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Haha, I wasn’t trying to claim that it was a good or fair fight… just that the Domi had terrible neut application. Its actually one of the most pronounced examples of it that I’ve seen – which is why it made its way into an educational video instead of a frag video. 🙂

  5. Zaraxal says:

    LOL nice video mate, I am so sure his nuets were the reason you won this fight. Sorry we didn’t go for your blob again the other night, seems your still a tad upset about it.

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Well, just be honest about it: if he’d timed his neuts better I wouldn’t have been able to rep myself or the people he was actually damaging. The right choice with his fit was to cycle his neuts on me at an interval and apply damage to the people aggressing him. Of course, nothing was going to save him when his people scattered and we defeated them in detail.

      Please note that I’ve never claimed this to be a “good fight” – it was merely the most egregious example of terrible neut handling that I’ve seen recently. I think I’ve commented on that several times now.

      As to you guys not fighting my “blob”: you had at least equal numbers and quite dramatically outshipped us. You had literally no reason not to engage for the free kills.

  6. Zaraxal says:

    hmm 2 v 5 is equal numbers? That makes sense.

    • Liang Nuren says:

      We had 2 Taranis you had 2 Thorax and maybe a Blackbird. Although I do appreciate you guys show up tonight in Brutix, Cane vs Drake, Harpy, Harpy, Kestrel, Firetail. When both of you dropped on my *SOLO HARPY* I didn’t feel any real objection to calling in friends – though I didn’t expect anyone to be in a BC at the time. 🙂

      Don’t worry m8 – I’ll be sure to include you in Ama Fun III. 🙂

  7. Zaraxal says:

    Ya m8 I know it was the highlight of your month, congrats to you.

  8. Zaraxal says:

    I think your talking about 2 different things dude. I am talking about the first fight where you had around 5 yet try to lay claim that you only had 2 frigs. Here is a little heads up for you, the proph pilot shot me a convo about fighting you guys before we left….Maybe work out your story bro with your m8’s before trying to toss BS my way. As for the fight last night you weren’t solo… that is so laughable. There was four of you in the belt before I even got in system.

    • Liang Nuren says:

      So you are continuing to claim we had a “blob” out in Ezzara. The ENTIRE FLEET consisted of 2x Taranis and a looter Prophecy. The Prophecy wasn’t going to be part of the fight – though I certainly didn’t have that kind of comfort when I went to engage your two thoraxes on the gate and a BLACKBIRD showed up in your defense.

      As to last night – I damn sure was sitting SOLO in the belt before you guys showed up on my face. But hey, you may want to clear that up with your m8s before you go spouting bullshit because unlike SOME PEOPLE I had that frapsed.

  9. Zaraxal says:

    I fraps it too m8. And no dude I am just claiming that you had more than 2 which you just admitted. Anyways your now just starting to make up new ships into your BS story. Good comedy this turned into. Good luck with your blobs bro, I mean “looking for only good fights”

    • Liang Nuren says:

      The only ships that were in space in Arzad/Ezara when we had that run in:
      – Taranis
      – Thorax
      – Thorax
      – Blackbird (Showed up the instant I started messing with Syss7 on the gate)
      – Firetail (I figured he was with you – but it turns out he wasn’t)

      When I brought Hahbs in, it became:
      – Taranis, Taranis (Confirmed)
      – Looter prophecy (Ours, not on the field)
      – Thorax, Thorax (Confirmed)
      – Blackbird (maybe yours, probably not though because he stuck around after you guys left)
      – Firetail (definitely not yours)

      And then when we convo’d you guys the only thing guys had to say was “Oh noes, we are too tired to fight Taranises”. And then it became “Oh noes, you guys were going to BLOB US despite the fact we had more people and bigger ships!!!”.

      More shit talk happens and finally it erupts onto Twitter and hot dropping carriers comes up. That very same night you guys show up in our home system – and I *AM* the only person in that belt. Face it – you guys came in to gank a solo Harpy and got your ass handed to you when the fight didn’t turn out how you wanted it. And now you’re shit talking me on my blog (which I don’t actually mind). And then you call us “blobbers” when we’re bringing T1/T2 frigs to fight *BATTLECRUISERS*. Its not my fault you’re an epic failure PVP and providing backup m8.

      But hey, I hear Club Bear is super pro PVPers and really knows their stuff – so it couldn’t be that you guys are just shit at PVP. 🙂

  10. Zaraxal says:

    LOL who is talking shit dude. You starting your QQs not me. And no the proph was there on the gate with us (IDK what field you have in your fantasy world but that means on the field in my eyes) before you started to type in local. Then after I said no thx you got all upset that I wouldn’t take your fight. And yup I guess Club bear is terrible right and your amazing.. Must be the case.

    Also by no means do my comments speak for Club Bear. I came here after I heard about you QQing and putting up a silly blob video. So again keep on blobing bro. I would also like to point out we came down there in your system where you got all your intel and boosters. You are well aware of what we had unlike what we knew you had at the time. All I know is you had 2 frigs and a BC for sure along with 5-6 more people in local and you were pushing for a fight with 2 Thoraxs. To me that means blob and I love you changing up your story now that the proph was with you. I love that your still padding yourself on the back for killing 2 BCs. LOL.

    “More shit talk happens and finally it erupts onto Twitter and hot dropping carriers comes up.” What are you talking about?

    Anyways I am done with coming back to your silly blob I mean blog. Good luck with your PVP dude, just don’t get so worked up when people don’t fall into your traps.

    • Liang Nuren says:

      Lets just be clear on things here:
      – I put up a video showing how you should not use neuts.
      – Club Bear stops engaging us AT ALL, ANYWHERE – despite several attempted engagements where Club Bear had heavy numerical and ship based advantages. I start vocally wondering if there’s a Club Bear moratorium on you guys engaging us again.
      – We encounter each other in Ezara/Arzad (I don’t remember which) and I am the ONLY PERSON from Heretics in local – I know this because it was a solo Ranis roam. I start to mess with Syss7 on the gate to get him off the gate and to aggress and a Blackbird shows up. I abort the engagement.
      – Hahbs shows up in local in a Taranis while the Prophecy is still flying from Amamake. It is now 2x Taranis vs 2x Thorax (+ Blackbird?). You guys decline to engage and even comment in local that the only way you will engage 2 Thorax vs 2 Taranis is if we take gate guns.
      – The loot prophecy shows up. You guys continue to decline to engage. We offer to make it a strict 2v2 (as it was going to be anyway so no real loss from our perspective). You guys still decline to engage despite the fact you wholly outship us.
      – You guys run away and we go on for a mostly unsuccessful/boring roam. Hahbs convos you and in the convo you say that you’re “too tired” to PVP with us.
      – You come here QQing about how we blobbed you in the educational video – despite that not at all being the point of the video… and nor do I even bother fucking denying it. We blobbed in that video, but that has literally fuck all to do with how shitty his neut handling was.
      – You come here and continue to QQ and utterly misrepresent about how things have gone down.
      – Lots of talk on Twitter about Club Bear and possible capital drops in Amamake that night.
      – You come to Amamake and try to gank a solo frigate at the top belt. I fire up fraps as the Brutix comes out of warp and you get mad and QQ when it turns out that not only am I capable of fucking up the Brutix solo but I also end up calling in the remains of a T1/T2 frig gang (+ random BC) turns what you expected to be a gank into an actual fight.
      – You continue to come here and shit talk on my blog (which I’m actually happy to leave).

      Honestly what I think is going on here is that I’ve called Club Bear (including but not limited to you specifically) and you’re trying to save face in front of friends/corp mates. Just admit that you don’t take every fight and you only take fights that you KNOW you can trivially win – like 2 BCs vs a solo frigate and 2 Thoraxes and a Blackbird vs a Taranis.

  11. Ahrieman says:

    Who the F*** is Club Bear!?! They must be a sh***y FW carebear corp since looking at our KB, they only have 5 losses and no kills. They con’t even have enough losses to be awfule at PVP. Go back to RENS!

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