Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Amamake Fun 1

I’m starting a video series to extol the virtues of small gang PVP – thus I present Amamake Fun 1 [].  This represents my first non-instructional entry into PVP videos so I hope everyone enjoys it despite its apparently shitty encoding and terribad music.  I thought about keeping the vent commentary that went on with the videos but decided against it in the end – but who knows if it would have saved the video?  Fortunately, nobody thats seen it has commented on my occasional spots of absolutely terribad piloting.

Who’s in any particular fight is well explained in the video but I tended to be primary tackle and crazy bastard in the fights, which explains why my Harpy is the first thing into any particular fight.  We had literally no clue the Myrm was going to bring anyone in in the first fight, but the second we had a pretty good idea that they weren’t showing all their cards.  They decided to bait us one last time before leaving and that turned out to be quite the fatal mistake indeed.  I felt kinda bad about bringing the Scorpion in, especially because from a look at the video it wasn’t really needed.

I flew a Harpy, Harpy, Talos in these fights.

Link, for the link dead:

UPDATE: I updated this post to have the appropriate link at youtube


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  1. Not a bad little video. Would enjoy hearing some commentary about the fights vice the music though.

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