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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Tutorial Video – Harpy vs Rifter

First: sorry for the lack of updates over Christmas season.  It was really hectic at my house and I haven’t had nearly as much time to play any game as I’d really like to have had.  I figured I’d make it up to you and finally obtained Sony Vegas and began to edit some of my fraps footage.  Here is the first fruit: – something of a tutorial/other perspective to try and illustrate what I was saying when he convo’d me after the fight.  I have also rehosted it at Vimeo:

Here are some comments on my flying:

  • Yes, Harpy vs Rifter isn’t a great fight.  I didn’t say it was, I said it was educational. 🙂
  • Frapsing yourself and watching yourself PVP is a great way to improve your game.
  • I didn’t have my AB on in certain parts of the fight and I should have.  Especially at the end where he might have tried to bail on me.
  • I didn’t get on my guns fast enough after the null reload finished
  • My mouse movement sucked when reloading to FN Antimatter
  • I didn’t prime my scram.  He could have gotten away. 😦
  • Some more clever piloting might have won the fight faster, but I was kinda at a loss as to why I wasn’t getting any hits up close.  I didn’t actually notice his TDing until reviewing the fraps.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and I plan to get back to blogging 2-3x per week now.  I’d expect to see more frequent videos and a couple of game design arcs that I worked on (half-heartedly) over the break.

UPDATE: I rehosted the image at Vimeo:


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2 Responses

  1. I am sad panda / canadian:

    “This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    Sorry about that.”

    • Liang Nuren says:

      That’s probably because I didn’t filter the vent/radio commentary out of the video. It was kinda appropriate because the song on the radio started moments after the fight did. I’ll see if I can get it up on the blog itself for you.


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