Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

T1 Cruiser Roam

Despite Amamake being one of the busiest PVP systems in Eve [], it occasionally gets a bit slow.  Its times like this when roaming for PVP kills starts to look mighty appetizing – and so Jude [blog] was on vent asking whether anyone was down with a roam.  Of course, I’m a big fan of roams and I immediately said yes – and I had just the idea for what I’d want to bring.  I linked my Moa fit [EFT stats] in corp – the same Moa I’d put together for an abortive very late night T1 cruiser roam the previous week.  Everyone seemed pretty jazzed and only one person had to go to Rens to pick a ship up.

So after a few minutes, off we went.  I was a bit impatient (as usual) and lead the way with my Moa as scout.  First to Dal then to Hofjaldgund and both were clear.  Eszur wasn’t clear and while I was busy looking for the Drake in system, Jude lost his connection to both Vent and Eve (30-60 sec in).  I warp back the Hof gate and wait, and a new local enters system.  D-Scan tells me its a Stiletto and local tells me he’s with the Amarr Militia.  A few seconds later he’s on the gate with me and jumps through… and a few seconds after that an Amarr Militia Harbinger enters system.  He lands on the gate and tackles me as local literally floods with them (20+).  I tell everyone to GTFO the gate and jump through.

And the Stiletto is waiting on the other side.  And he tackles me, of course.  So now I’m pretty well resigned to losing my Moa before its even been properly blooded, but that’s what T1 cruiser roams are all about.  So I reapproach the gate and wait.  They all land on the gate and jump… I wait for most of them to tackle me to give them aggression before trying my luck at the other side.  I’m at half shields by the time I jump, and there’s still ~5 on the other side – including the Harbinger.  But apparently none of them had enough scan res to tackle me before I warp out and I’m away Scot-free.

But now we have a problem – Jude’s still disconnected and people are scattered from Eszur to Dal.  Jude calls for everyone to regroup in Amamake but I’m effectively cut off and elect to go on a bit of a solo roam.  I warp to Frerstorn, then to Ardar… and now I have a choice.  I can continue down the pipe we’re going down (Towards Caldari low sec) or I can make a swing through my old stomping grounds near Floseswin.  I go to Floseswin and find there’s actually people there – 5 or 6 of them… all in Electus Matari.

Now, for those who don’t know, Electus Matari [] is a Minmatar role play alliance that operates out of Heimatar and Metropolis high sec.  When they make forays into low sec, they do it in overwhelming force — to the point that even Arkady Sadik (Alliance Leader) has called them “Electus Blobtari”.  I report my findings and we all agree to come have a pass at them… and then I warp around a bit and eventually decide that they’re all docked up – which is really no surprise for a massively carebear alliance like that.  So I warp directly to the Aset gate and a little lump settles firmly in my stomach as I check D-Scan:

  • Nighthawk
  • Scimitar
  • Naga
  • Naga
  • Rapier
Alright, well this could certainly be unpleasant.  I land on the gate, and they’re all there… at zero.  I start to do my usual force-aggression trick only to find I had clicked “auto jump” and I’m suddenly in Aset with the gate flashing behind me.  Its time to GTFO and I successfully make it to a station without getting tackled… and finally take another look at local.  10+ and D-Scan shows a heavy force – a pair of Tempests, battlecruisers, Command Ships, and more.  I wait it out for a while while everyone gets regrouped in Amamake and charges up the pipe to Floseswin.

But now we’ve got a problem – we’ve got T1 cruisers and we’re trying to go up against some pretty hefty firepower… and probably under sentry fire.  Of course, I chime in with something along the lines of “Well that’s the point of a T1 cruiser roam!”.  The fleet gets to Frerstorn and I make my way through Uisper to Floseswin, and then warp to the Aset gate as everyone arrives.  After a short discussion on vent, Jude comes up with a plan: we’ll warp to a safe spot and then to the gate at 70.  If they want to play, they’ll do it away from the gate.  Everyone jumps in and we all individually warp to the agreed destination.

And we see the strangest thing – the Electus Matari ships are on D-Scan… well away from the Aset gate.  Less than a minute later, they jump out into Ardar.  And now we’re trapped between their force in Aset and in Ardar.  After a couple more minutes of discussion, we decide we’re going to barrel into Ardar and see if we can take out the Nagas – they were at zero on the gate and are undoubtedly blaster fit.  So off we warp – Hahbs is the scout and I’m itching to get in and get a point myself.  We land, Hahbs jumps..

And they’re gone.

Booo!  So we continue the roam – off to Hado, and down the pipe to Egmar, Taff, and Evati.  Of course, its bone dry and even Evati looks pretty tame… at least until we get to the Todifraun gate.  On the gate’s a Tempest and Sleipnir – finally we’ve found some targets to kill.  Except they aren’t flashy and they’re on a gate… taking a BS + CS under sentry fire in T1 crusiers is just a bit much.  Most of us jump through, but Jude has to evade back into Evati.  As we jump through, I say in local “See you at planet 1”.  I dutifully warp to planet 1 at range (zero).

But they don’t come… and give Jude enough time to regroup with us in Todifraun.  But we’re really hot for the kills and it isn’t terribly long before D-Scan reveals the Tempest at the Ice Field.  Someone warps in at zero and behold the Tempest is right there.  We all warp in, and it isn’t very long before there’s a Tempest [killboard] and a Sleipnir [killboard] wreck in the belt with us and goodfights were being exchanged in local.  I’ve even got fraps of the fight – I’ll try to make a video out of it at some point.

Well now that we had the kills and loot, we continued our trek down the pipe towards Caldari low sec.  As we get to the out gate in Otosela, our scout reports a Myrm jumping into us.  I end up using my ECM drones at this point – though the killmail [killboard] shows I probably shouldn’t have wasted them.  While we’re waiting out GCCs, Hahbs runs across a large gang with T3s and BCs heading up the pipe towards us. We elect to head back to Amamake and in fact make our way all the way to Dal without further incident.  Sadly.

But what kind of T1 cruiser roam doesn’t end in fire, right?  So I suggest hitting up Auga because there’s always someone there.  Everyone except FatGuyInACoat agrees and I lead the charge to Auga… and find nothing – turns out PL seems to have utterly crushed  the Minnie militia.  I guess that speaks mightily to the pluckiness of the Heretics for surviving living in the same system with PL?  At any rate, Hahbs suggested Houla and I scout the way.  Nothing all the way there – though once in Houla I see a Binger on D-Scan at the 24th Imperial station.  So I decide I’m gonna bait him and hang around in the belt near the station… for minutes.  Nothing.  Finally in desperation I warp to the station at 100, and back to the belt and we give him 30 seconds to show before we head home in disgust.

Lo and behold, he warps in at 30 and I’m off to the races to get a point on him – and I succeed.  He’s laying pretty heavily into me while my corp mates warp the ~65 AU to help me out – and by the time they land I’m in half armor.  I burn off and warp away at something less than half armor.  About the time I land at my destination (~10 AU or so?) there’s a second binger on the field and everyone’s trying to overload and get the Binger kill before we all get smoked by the second Binger at range.

So I warp back and the Binger is in low armor – I manage to finish him off [killboard] with the Moa and head for the tackle on the other Binger.  Turns out that Jude’s in half structure and Hahbs is dead [killboard] and Valleria’s in an Omen in structure… and I just tackled a Binger by myself.  I try to leave gracefully but end up getting burned down [killboard] at ~22-23km out.  Ah, now that is how you’re supposed to end a T1 cruiser roam!

Total kills:

  • Tempest
  • Sleipnir
  • Myrmidon
  • Harbinger

Total losses:

  • Thorax
  • Moa

Overall, I’d call it a successful and fun roam!  Hell, with loot it was even profitable!


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