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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Heretic Army – Ship Spinning Contest

Ship Spinning!Ship spinning has come back with a vengeance (youtube) and Heretic Army is hosting an Eve-Wide ship spinning competition (forum post).  I’ve been flying with them a bit while they try to woo me away from wormholes and back into pure low sec piracy.  At any rate, I’m helping front the ISK for the contest so I figure I should help it get some exposure!

Here’s the forum post text by Jude Loyd:

Heretic Army is hosting an Eve-wide ship spinning competition! All you have to do is spin your ship as many times as you can in a day, take a picture of your full eve screen including the spinning counter, and post the picture in this thread. The prize for the highest amount of spins is your choice of a Faction Cruiser! To keep your counter going…

  • You can switch ships.
  • You can undock and dock.
  • You CAN’T log off.

This event will continue until Jan 1st, 2012.

Good luck o7

As an addendum, I have offered a faction frigate (forum post) of choice to the most artistic submitted picture (in my choice).  I like pretty pictures.


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