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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Looking For WH/FW Corp

I ran my last WH corp (Parsec flux) as CEO, and we lived in a C3 with a low sec statuc (U210). On a typical day, we’d run the C3 clean and then roam low sec for the rest of the night killing everyone we could. On an average night I’d say we killed somewhere between 3 and 10 people, sometimes more but rarely less. During these roams I almost always flew a Scimitar or Basilisk (Basilisk later, because its better) as a solo logistics under sentry fire. My present sec status is almost entirely derived from aggression hits and I’ve done it with two characters. All of this fell apart when I got banned at the height of Monaclegate, and my corp has scattered to the four winds of life (not Eve).

So now I’m looking for a corp. I have:

  • A stated opinion about most things in Eve.
  • Good experience solo PVPing
  • Tons of experience in small gang PVP
  • Tons of experience being the only logi in low sec small gang warfare.
  • A terrible sec status on two characters (and I don’t really want to grind it up either)
  • A full set of market, industry, and mission alts to fall back on should the need arise.
  • A 75-80M SP subcap generalist. I can almost fly a decent phoon now. 😛
  • A 75-80M SP pure combat Minmatar character. Triage Nidhoggur, Skirmish/Armor mindlinks. I can almost fly a decent phoon. 😛
  • A 75-80M SP pure Caldari missile whore, leadership booster, mission runner, etc. This character may or may not be in the WH and available at any given time.
  • A few assets, notably including a freighter, Triage carrier, and several T3s/Command Ships.

What I’m looking for in you:

  • Either a WH or FW (Minmatar) corp.
  • An active corp, with people in my timezone.
  • Frequent PVP in my timezone that I can partake in.
  • Good teamwork and at least semi professionalism. Please don’t be Elitist Jerks because I don’t like listening to dick waving competitions on vent.
  • Not douchebags about KB stats. I’m a logi pilot and almost by definition I don’t have (or want) any.
  • Some standard way to make ISK. If you’re a WH corp, I’m really interested in hearing how you split POS costs and the sleeper loot. If you’re a FW corp, I don’t even know what to ask – so please enlighten me.

It is worth noting that since my ban, Eve is no longer the only MMO I play. I’ve spent some time in Rift but that is coming to a very abrupt end with my unbanning from Eve. I will play SWTOR along side Eve, but I will be available via twitter/text/phone should you get a good fight lined up. I’m almost always willing to drop whatever I’m doing for a good fight. 😛

Here are three links from my blog about how we stole our last wormhole:

There were a couple more blog posts on Evepress, but it died and I don’t have backups. 😦  I would expect to see blog posts about our escapades.  🙂


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7 Responses

  1. Mara Rinn says:

    Have you had any nibbles, Liang?

    • liangnuren says:

      Yeah but Thanksgiving has prevented me from really paying attention. I’m going to be getting back into the swing of it Soon(tm). I may end up looking to Helicity’s new corp/alliance and I’ll be roaming with them on Sunday.

  2. ew says:

    you’re a terrible annoying pubbie with a terrible killboard for a “75-80m” character

    maybe you should stop signing your posts and bad posting then a really bad wh corp might just take you on and teach you a thing or two

  3. Asuri Kinnes says:

    Check out “Adhocracy Incorporated”.

    You might like them.

    Our Recruitment thread:

  4. pulsar says:

    drop into BFWAR in game c5 with statc H296 C5

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