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Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

On the Calls for a Minmatar Nerf

On Eve-O, DarkAegix posted this:

Number of ‘Nerf Gallente!’ threads in past year: None
Number of ‘Nerf Amarr!’ threads in past year: None
Number of ‘Nerf Caldari!’ threads in past year: None
Number of ‘Nerf Minmatar!’ threads in past year: Countless!

That’s saying something.

My response on Eve-O can be found here, but is copied here to reach a somewhat wider audience (and for posterity):
This is an interesting point.  Before Monaclegate, I don’t remember many Nerf Minmatar threads – though there were a pretty large number of nerf Angels threads earlier in the year.  There was also the usual slice of Nerf Caldari threads, mostly for the Drake and Tengu.  There were also the random Nerf Amarr threads usually centered around the Zealot and Geddon… and the ever present Boost Gallente threads which I have usually thought of as fairly reasonable.

However, sometime after Monaclegate some small segment of the community has taken it upon itself to demand that projectiles and Minmatar ships be nerfed into total oblivion by reversing the entire projectile boost — and more.  Of course we have the usual troll suspects like Naomi and more recently Zarnak Wulf… but there’s a bit more to this one as well.

As always, the best lies are those mixed with truths – and the thing about these claims is that there’s undeniably something to them – and everyone has their own pet theory as to what’s causing the problem.  Either way, its being blown way out of proportion by people taking the low road and comparing them to Gallente/Hybrids.  I believe it’s reasonable to say that Hybrids are recognized as being substandard – and thus comparisons involving them are worse than useless – they’re outright misleading.  Any argument that’s made about X being better than hybrids can apply to any X – lasers, projectiles, missiles, drones, whatever.

This is why I keep insisting that we talk about functioning weapons platforms – lasers, projectiles, and non-cruise Missiles.  And on that note, I think it’s pretty obvious that’s not a clear cut answer for whether projectiles are better than lasers (the other functioning turret system).  In all reality, the answer for Projectiles vs Lasers comes down to the ships themselves, your personal preference, the metagame that you find yourself playing against.

Again, I am totally fine with a projectile nerf, but IMO it needs to be relatively tiny.  If there is an imbalance, it’s certainly not huge – at least when you compare it to functioning weapons system.  At any rate, the situation is delicate enough that I wouldn’t want to risk nerfing Minmatar until we’ve had a chance to see how the hybrid boost goes – because to do so is complete folly.



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