Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways


NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

The last time my corp seriously entered a wormhole – back when wormholes were relatively new – was a catastrophe. We had about 10 people playing regularly at the time, and had some blues that wanted to try out WH space with us. Our blues were being chicken shit and dragging their feet, so we charged ahead entered a nice C5 and set up a death star. IIRC, the goal was to kick someone out of their WH… which we did pretty easily. We even scored all the loot from their POS. No sooner than we’d accomplished this goal (literally as we were scooping teh phat lewtz), we ended up with another band of hooligans in our newly acquired wormhole hounding us.

Well, we’re no cowards.. most of the time.. so we reinforced their POS immediately and it had a 2 or 3 day timer. The next night, they brought in another POS – a death star this time – and got it up while we were sleeping. Things unfolded pretty slowly and for the next day or so we handily won few skirmishes with them. But before their POS could come out of reinforced, they managed to sneak a Thanny into the WH – which meant they not only had more people than us, but also bigger guns. Time to call in those blues who were trying to get their shit together.


Where art thou? Are you coming?


Ooookkk… looks like we were in this by ourselves, and we didn’t have an answer to their Thanny. So we pulled our POS down and exited the WH into another nearby C5. That’s cool, we’ll just wind our way back to low sec and life will be good again. On the first day, a few of us (3?) ran the C5 content and lost some ships. A combination of people without ships, people not logging in because there wasn’t anything to do, and us being unwilling to leave people behind left us with the problem of trying to get everyone through whatever series of WHs we could find to get back home. This paralysis turned one day into two… and three.. and five.. and even six. POS fuel was running dangerously low and our pilots were bored out of their minds – which induced some self destruction and podding to get back to home (low sec). When one did it, a lot did it.. and only two or three of us made it out the next day when the WH opened to Aridia.

And now I’m planning to try and take our even smaller corp into wormhole space to live. We are totally going to rock it.


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