Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Wormhole Invasion

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

So we pulled the trigger on the wormhole invasion. So far I’ve got pretty good buy in from the Corp, and we showed up in force for the POS reinforcement. Of course, with a Corp as small as ours, that’s still a pretty small force!

Let me tell you a bit about how we chose this particular wormhole. It started off when we were looking for some plexes in Metro lowsec – we found a wormhole instead. That’s fine since you can make pretty decent ISK in a wormhole. As it turned out, Dotlan was down and I googled the hole we found.

This lead me to find out that there was a thread on Eve-O about the WH. It was a C3 and had recently been for sale (and bought) because it had a low sec static exit. As my previous post should explain, we had a pretty bad experience with the last WH venture, but this one would be immune to the kinds of problems we experienced before. All of this rattled around in my head while we geared up to run the WH.

So none of us had ever run C3s before. C5s? Sure. So we fit for C5 and came in RR battleships – and I came along in a super tanked Guardian. The sites were easier than expected and we made pretty good ISK before calling it for the night. But as we were turning to leave, the wild hair struck me that we should move in.

So we parked a corp mate in the WH and logged. Every day, he scanned out the static – both to confirm that it was a static and to see if it was nearby enough for us to put up a POS. A couple of times it was close enough, but we didn’t have everything together. After a couple of false starts, we had it all in place…. And then the wormholes kept spawning anywhere but nearby.

So almost 3 weeks goes by, and our blues decide they are out of the area. It’s just too hot where we are because we seem to have convinced the entire region that they need everyone in the entire region to engage us. Whatever – they’re moving. So they move, and we help out with the cap fleet. Amusingly, at the very tail of this 3 weeks Kismo (the guy who is so kindly haunting the WH) gets flamed on Eve-O for asking one of the current WH inhabitants about their Tengu fit. Seems he had spooked them 😉

Aaaand, after the blues move there’s a bit of a fracas in their new home and we drop a couple carriers on the gate. Some silly moves by support and we lose a pair of tackled carriers – one self destructed and the other didn’t make it. So I log on for the day at the VERY end of this fight, and I’m nowhere near able to drop my Niddy into that fight… Though I would have. 30 minutes later and we all have capitals again – which is a relief.

So Kismo logs on (finally) and scans out the exit to the WH, and find that there are 3 WHs. One to a C5, one to Solitude, and a K162 merely a few jumps from home. The only problem is that its about to close due to time!

So we pull the trigger on the invasion and jump the freighter over, assemble some T1 haulers, and start ferrying the POS, modules, fuel, and ammo into the WH. Most of it gets in before we are stopped by the clock.

So we set up about half of the modules that night, and set up the rest over the next day. But, the wormhole isn’t cooperating again and keeps opening in the middle of nowhere…. So it takes us a few days to get any ships besides covops and haulers into the wormhole.

Now, remember, this is an OCCUPIED wormhole that we have pretty decent intel on. They have more people and a home field advantage. They had a whole battleship fleet cycle into and out of their Ship Hangar while we were putting up the POS I expected to log on after the first day to a reinforced tower.

But I didn’t – and not the next day either.

And eventually the WH cooperated and we used our carrier fleet to cyno a bunch of ships to the “nearby” exit. This takes us to about 2am and we elect to hit their POS the next day despite the fact that they had eyes on us the whole time and would be able to prepare for our fleet.

And so we log on and we hit the POS. We started off by taking down the distuptor, web, jammers, and then the guns. Then we started shooting the POS. Kids, don’t let anyone tell you that a POS bash is fun. The only reason to do it is for the fight it may bring. 🙂

Now, they knew we were shooting their POS for a while, but they did nothing to stop us until it was at about 35% shields. I guess it might be hard to do anything considering they seem to fly nothing but bombers. I was reay expecting to see some coordinated bomb launching attacks during the assault, but I was disappointed.

But not TOO disappointed, because one guy in a Purifier decides he can solo our entire fleet with his shrapnel bombs. And he’s doing a pretty good job of not dying until he accidentally gets near the POS shield in a bombing run somehow fails to warp or cloak- Our Sleipnir gets him without much difficulty. A few minutes later another guy (a neutral!) makes a bombing run and Kismo’s Sleipnir gets him too. By this time they have got quite a few on… But nothing comes of it.

Shortly thereafter the POS slipped into reinforced and the timer showed that it’s going to perfectly split the timezones between our different corps.

The possibility of a really good fight is looming on the horizon… And the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether they will bring the fight or withdraw. If they fight, their superior numbers, ships, and home field advantage will probably turn the tide against us.

I hope they fight.


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