Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Wormhole Conquered

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

The shields of the enemy POS slipped past the point of reinforcement, and automatic programming went into play in a last ditch effort to slow the attacking fleet. The Strontium Reactor came online quickly and without a hiccup, smoothly diverting even the small amount of CPU required by the Corp Hangar Array (CHA). The Corp Hangar offlined, but the shields would hold for as long as the Strontium did… which as fate would have it would be 1 day 16 hours. That should be plenty of time for The Black Ops to rally a defense fleet.

Our fleet, consisting of three Tempest class battleships, two Typhoon class battleships, a Sleipnir class command ship, two battlecruisers of Hurricane and Cyclone classes eased around the POS to finish incapacitating the modules, which happened without further incident. It semed they were conserving their resources for the defense fleet, and didn’t care to waste more than the two Stealth Bombers they already had. But, they were a quiet bunch, prone to cloaky antics, and wormholers were known for being tricky. So we lumbered back to our POS through warp, and began the wait.

Almost two standard days later, we again sat at their POS. Their public statements on GalNet congratulated us on our impending victory, but we were ever cautious. Our fleet consisted of the same, but we’d managed to scrounge up one more Hurricane to come assist in the assault. True to their word, The Black Ops did not engage during the fight. When the POS slipped into armor, Hesperius suggested we do The POS Lottery for 5M, which most people were agreeable to. It didn’t take long before the POS was down, much to everyone’s great relief, but of course this left us with one of the most tense moments of the POS Op. Would they attack in an effort to save the contents of their CHA?

As it turned out, there was no attack and our haulers on standby quickly and efficiently delivered the loot to our POS. Later accounting would reveal that there was the usual amusing supply of stuff, but notably there were two Caldari Navy Large Shield Extenders, Tengu subsystems, a Sabre, and lots of warp core stabs… and then there was the Capital Hull Repair skillbook – leaving us to wonder if there was a capital ship hiding somewhere in the wormhole.

At any rate, everyone sent their 5M ISK to the lucky winner with the final blow, while one of the more senior members of the corp suggested killing everything around the POS and posting a public record on GalNet. Hesperius reasoned that the kill should be public, if only to blacken the efficiency of The Black Ops corporate Killboard. I consented despite my usual disdain for killboards, and we killed 8 medium guns, 8 small guns, a corp hangar array, a ship maintenance array, and the Minmatar medium tower itself. The record should be on GalNet… somewhere.

While things were still breaking up at the POS, one of the No Salvation Hurricanes had a playful go at a PFlux Tempst… which sparked the wry comment over comms that we got more fight out of our only blues than the enemy. This was of course met with much laughter, and not a little bit of derision.

For the record:


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