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On T1 vs Faction Ammo

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

One of the oldest debates I’ve seen about running missions in Eve is whether or not it is cost efficient or profitable to use T2/Faction ammo. While I’m aware its pretty difficult to always use close range high damage ammo, I’ll use it anyway for the sake of comparison. Here’s the current price structure of T2, Faction, and T1 ammo (Jita, rounded up):


  • Imperial Navy Multifreq L – 250 ISK/shot
  • Multifrequency L – 0 ISK/shot
  • Scorch L – 500 ISK/shot


  • EMP L – 110 ISK/shot
  • RF EMP L – 1300 ISK/shot
  • Barrage L – 600 ISK/shot


  • Wrath Cruise – 100 ISK/shot
  • CN Wrath Cruise – 1900 ISK/shot
  • Wrath Fury – 450 ISK/shot

Heavy Missiles

  • Scourge – 35 ISK/shot
  • CN Scourge – 1350 ISK/shot
  • Scourge Fury – 450 ISK/shot


  • Antimatter – 100 ISK/shot
  • Fed Navy Antimatter – 1100 ISK/shot

Obviously, the price difference going up from T1 to faction and T2 is quite substantial – so it at a glance seems like it would not in fact be more profitable to use faction or T2 ammo. But let us explore this some by looking at the mission Gone Berserk. Neglecting blitzing, a mission has a certain “total value” – and thats what we get whether we finish the mission in 10 seconds or in 10 hours. Naturally, its best to have a lower [i]kill time[/i] for a mission.

Down to some mathy stuff:

Gone Berserk

  • LP: 7500 LP @ 1500 ISK/lp ( 11.25M ISK)
  • Bounty: 10.8M ISK
  • Bonus: 1.5M ISK
  • Reward: 1.5M ISK
  • Total Mission Reward: 25M ISK


  • Total Mission Time = Fit Time + Travel Time + Kill Time + Loot Sort Time
  • Effective Mission Payout = (LPAmt * ISK/LP) + Bounty + Bonus + Reward – Total Costs
  • ISK/hr = Effective Mission Payout / Total Mission Time

For the sake of this argument, I’m going to assume some things:

  • Fit Time: 60 seconds (Refitting hardeners, ammo, cap boosters)
  • Travel Time: 90 seconds (Mission in system, you in battleship)
  • Kill Time: 600 seconds (T1 ammo)
  • Loot Sort Time: 0 seconds (Blitzing)
  • Ammo Cost: 100K ISK (Except Amarr)


  • T1 ISK/hr: (25M – 100K) / (150 sec + 600 sec) = 119,520,000 ISK/hr
  • Faction ISK/hr: (25M – 19 * 100K * .85) / (150 sec + (600 sec * .85)) = 127,554,545 ISK/hr

Conclusion: Faction ammo is worth it, and T2 ammo is even more worth it as long as you can make it deal full damage.


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