Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Failure #1

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

My First Failure in Eve was Posting With My Main. Eve-Search tells me my first post on the Eve-O forums was 2007-02-26 20:23:00, and there’s been 13000 and 14 million characters to follow. At first, it probably wasn’t such a bad choice – I was ignorant and new. Anything that someone could spoon feed me was absorbed. Back then, it was just spreadsheets and QuickFit. Of course, being the rebel I am I didn’t rely overly much on either. I wrote my own applications to calculate the tricky things for me.

But then… then I began to think about what people told me. Some things didn’t make sense. Sometimes the numbers just didn’t add up. Sometimes, they didn’t make sense since that wasn’t what I saw on TQ – everyone was emo raging about how Megas, Myrms, and Blasters were overpowered. But all I could see was how my drones kept dying under sentry fire and I couldn’t ever get in range to shoot someone.

So I spoke up, and was ridiculed. Well, I’m a bit bull headed and didn’t listen. I trained the Drake – damage at range and not reliant on drone damage. If I caught a freighter on a gate that damn thing was going to die dammit! Well, my Drake Spree was pretty awesome – four or five hundred kills and three loses. Oh – and what losses they were, to epic blobs of doom.

Fast forward some time, and one of my best friends in Eve is going to Iraq and he bequeaths his character to me for skill training. The money unpleasantness aside, it was enjoyable. Amarr…. Amarr was awesome. No messing around getting in range, instant ammo swapping, and the much maligned EM damage type suckage was a virtual myth. I spoke up about that too. Oh man did I get flamed for that!

Well, over the years I’ve collected quite the reputation for seeing things in Black & White. Its either perfect, or its garbage. Perhaps the saddest thing is that I totally deserve this reputation. I have ranted – endlessly – over efficiency in PVE and PVP. In Eve, I argue, fights are won and lost by 3% margins. In Eve, I argue, spending 5 minutes less per mission is a big deal. No, its not “okay” to cruise through your L4s with a 3 BCU/2 PDU/3 CCC Raven anymore! 4 BCU, 3 Rigors! And Fury missiles with a painter! Efficiency!

But… that’s why this is my First Failure In Eve. Posting With My Main. I’ve effectively painted myself into a corner – it is literally better for my Forum Persona that I do not undock (ever) in anything that isn’t Perfectly Fit. I would hear about it endlessly as proof about how I’m unqualified I am to speak about anything. And, of course, how I’m a complete idiot.

And they’re right. I’m a complete idiot. For Posting With My Main.


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