Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

An Introduction

First, let me introduce myself.  I am Liang Nuren from Eve Online and from Rift.  Eve-Search tells me that I was the 6th most prolific poster on the Eve Online forums with 16,517 posts between 2007-02-26 and 2011-06-24.  It also tells me that there were 17,955,165 typed characters, but this includes quoted text.  I’ve currently got 1,526 posts on the Rift forums, starting 2011-06-28. There’s an enormous amount of information out there about my opinions… and frankly, you’re free to go look at it.  I won’t rehash most of it here.

But, let’s start with where I come from.  A long time ago, in a land literally far, far away I was a little boy (imagine that).  I played on my computer and learned DOS commands and DOS scripting and even some assembly and BASIC.  When Windows rolled around, I thought it was the silliest idea in the world – why click through 10 menus to get what you want, when you can just type it on the command line in a quarter of the time!?  I’ve… somewhat revised this opinion.  But not much.

Back then, I played single player games like Infocom games, King’s Quest, and even Wasteland.  The Infocom games in particular led me to BBSing, where I found Legend of the Red Dragon and Tradewars 2002.  I do not even want to think about how much time I’ve burned on those two… but Tradewars was definitely the major time sink.  Some time later I heard about this crazy invention called “the internet”… except I don’t think it was called that at the time.  Well, I learned about MUDs there.

And there went my life.  For years.  Literally.  I think one of the first games I discovered was The Legend of Terris on AOL.  I played that until it went pay to play, at which time I was forced to quit.  Sadly, I don’t remember my name from there… but I’m sure it was some form of “Red Dwarf” or “Black Dwarf” or some such.  It might have even been some Latin phrase – I think by that time I was in high school where I took 3 years of Latin.  After that, I moved on to other MUDs – some of which I stayed at for a very long time.

I suppose this is a good time to point out that these MUDs are what made me decide that I wanted to know how to “code”.  There’s only so many times that you can wish something operated a different way before you look into how to do it yourself!  I remember that I joined the MUD-Dev list, as well as the ROM-Dev list, and maybe a couple of other MUD development lists.  I remember reading email chains by the original Everquest devs (IIRC) as they debated classes vs classlessness, levels vs levellessness and more.  I find myself wishing I could go back and read those email threads again.  But, I digress.

So I “learned to code” from video games – and from taking CS classes in High School – around this time.  I landed a sweet gig as a Jr Web Designer at a local Web Design shop, but they got bought by a bigger firm and we all got laid off.  I met Manuel LaBore and finished out High School… and then didn’t go to college.  What a bone headed move!  But, I met a wonderful lady and married her just in time for the next school year to start… and, well, I went to college.  I blew through college in 3 years, majoring first in CS and then in Math.  I worked more than full time through it too – which was a necessity when you have a wife and kids.

And then….. and then the .com bubble busted.  This made it kinda hard to get a job and I didn’t get one in my industry for a while.  But oh man, the job I got when I got it!  I did some majorly cool projects at that company – from Perl Monkeying to Data Warehousing to Distributed Processing with first Hadoop and then our own custom solution.  Very, very cool stuff with awesome people.  I eventually moved on after 4-5 years and I’m now helping a new company put together a cool distributed processing data warehouse.  The problems aren’t as hard as my last employer, but the work environment is hard to beat and they’re letting me play with cool toys.  Fun, fun!

So what can you expect to read about in this blog?  Well, there’ll be game theory discussions, for sure.  There’ll probably also be a fair amount of programming talk.  Hit me up on Twitter (@LiangNuren) if you want.  I’ll see if I can snag some of my old blog entries from my Evepress site and put them up here.



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