Failing In So Many Ways


Liang Nuren – Failing In So Many Ways

Wormhole Conquered

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

The shields of the enemy POS slipped past the point of reinforcement, and automatic programming went into play in a last ditch effort to slow the attacking fleet. The Strontium Reactor came online quickly and without a hiccup, smoothly diverting even the small amount of CPU required by the Corp Hangar Array (CHA). The Corp Hangar offlined, but the shields would hold for as long as the Strontium did… which as fate would have it would be 1 day 16 hours. That should be plenty of time for The Black Ops to rally a defense fleet.

Our fleet, consisting of three Tempest class battleships, two Typhoon class battleships, a Sleipnir class command ship, two battlecruisers of Hurricane and Cyclone classes eased around the POS to finish incapacitating the modules, which happened without further incident. It semed they were conserving their resources for the defense fleet, and didn’t care to waste more than the two Stealth Bombers they already had. But, they were a quiet bunch, prone to cloaky antics, and wormholers were known for being tricky. So we lumbered back to our POS through warp, and began the wait.

Almost two standard days later, we again sat at their POS. Their public statements on GalNet congratulated us on our impending victory, but we were ever cautious. Our fleet consisted of the same, but we’d managed to scrounge up one more Hurricane to come assist in the assault. True to their word, The Black Ops did not engage during the fight. When the POS slipped into armor, Hesperius suggested we do The POS Lottery for 5M, which most people were agreeable to. It didn’t take long before the POS was down, much to everyone’s great relief, but of course this left us with one of the most tense moments of the POS Op. Would they attack in an effort to save the contents of their CHA?

As it turned out, there was no attack and our haulers on standby quickly and efficiently delivered the loot to our POS. Later accounting would reveal that there was the usual amusing supply of stuff, but notably there were two Caldari Navy Large Shield Extenders, Tengu subsystems, a Sabre, and lots of warp core stabs… and then there was the Capital Hull Repair skillbook – leaving us to wonder if there was a capital ship hiding somewhere in the wormhole.

At any rate, everyone sent their 5M ISK to the lucky winner with the final blow, while one of the more senior members of the corp suggested killing everything around the POS and posting a public record on GalNet. Hesperius reasoned that the kill should be public, if only to blacken the efficiency of The Black Ops corporate Killboard. I consented despite my usual disdain for killboards, and we killed 8 medium guns, 8 small guns, a corp hangar array, a ship maintenance array, and the Minmatar medium tower itself. The record should be on GalNet… somewhere.

While things were still breaking up at the POS, one of the No Salvation Hurricanes had a playful go at a PFlux Tempst… which sparked the wry comment over comms that we got more fight out of our only blues than the enemy. This was of course met with much laughter, and not a little bit of derision.

For the record:


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Wormhole Invasion

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

So we pulled the trigger on the wormhole invasion. So far I’ve got pretty good buy in from the Corp, and we showed up in force for the POS reinforcement. Of course, with a Corp as small as ours, that’s still a pretty small force!

Let me tell you a bit about how we chose this particular wormhole. It started off when we were looking for some plexes in Metro lowsec – we found a wormhole instead. That’s fine since you can make pretty decent ISK in a wormhole. As it turned out, Dotlan was down and I googled the hole we found.

This lead me to find out that there was a thread on Eve-O about the WH. It was a C3 and had recently been for sale (and bought) because it had a low sec static exit. As my previous post should explain, we had a pretty bad experience with the last WH venture, but this one would be immune to the kinds of problems we experienced before. All of this rattled around in my head while we geared up to run the WH.

So none of us had ever run C3s before. C5s? Sure. So we fit for C5 and came in RR battleships – and I came along in a super tanked Guardian. The sites were easier than expected and we made pretty good ISK before calling it for the night. But as we were turning to leave, the wild hair struck me that we should move in.

So we parked a corp mate in the WH and logged. Every day, he scanned out the static – both to confirm that it was a static and to see if it was nearby enough for us to put up a POS. A couple of times it was close enough, but we didn’t have everything together. After a couple of false starts, we had it all in place…. And then the wormholes kept spawning anywhere but nearby.

So almost 3 weeks goes by, and our blues decide they are out of the area. It’s just too hot where we are because we seem to have convinced the entire region that they need everyone in the entire region to engage us. Whatever – they’re moving. So they move, and we help out with the cap fleet. Amusingly, at the very tail of this 3 weeks Kismo (the guy who is so kindly haunting the WH) gets flamed on Eve-O for asking one of the current WH inhabitants about their Tengu fit. Seems he had spooked them 😉

Aaaand, after the blues move there’s a bit of a fracas in their new home and we drop a couple carriers on the gate. Some silly moves by support and we lose a pair of tackled carriers – one self destructed and the other didn’t make it. So I log on for the day at the VERY end of this fight, and I’m nowhere near able to drop my Niddy into that fight… Though I would have. 30 minutes later and we all have capitals again – which is a relief.

So Kismo logs on (finally) and scans out the exit to the WH, and find that there are 3 WHs. One to a C5, one to Solitude, and a K162 merely a few jumps from home. The only problem is that its about to close due to time!

So we pull the trigger on the invasion and jump the freighter over, assemble some T1 haulers, and start ferrying the POS, modules, fuel, and ammo into the WH. Most of it gets in before we are stopped by the clock.

So we set up about half of the modules that night, and set up the rest over the next day. But, the wormhole isn’t cooperating again and keeps opening in the middle of nowhere…. So it takes us a few days to get any ships besides covops and haulers into the wormhole.

Now, remember, this is an OCCUPIED wormhole that we have pretty decent intel on. They have more people and a home field advantage. They had a whole battleship fleet cycle into and out of their Ship Hangar while we were putting up the POS I expected to log on after the first day to a reinforced tower.

But I didn’t – and not the next day either.

And eventually the WH cooperated and we used our carrier fleet to cyno a bunch of ships to the “nearby” exit. This takes us to about 2am and we elect to hit their POS the next day despite the fact that they had eyes on us the whole time and would be able to prepare for our fleet.

And so we log on and we hit the POS. We started off by taking down the distuptor, web, jammers, and then the guns. Then we started shooting the POS. Kids, don’t let anyone tell you that a POS bash is fun. The only reason to do it is for the fight it may bring. 🙂

Now, they knew we were shooting their POS for a while, but they did nothing to stop us until it was at about 35% shields. I guess it might be hard to do anything considering they seem to fly nothing but bombers. I was reay expecting to see some coordinated bomb launching attacks during the assault, but I was disappointed.

But not TOO disappointed, because one guy in a Purifier decides he can solo our entire fleet with his shrapnel bombs. And he’s doing a pretty good job of not dying until he accidentally gets near the POS shield in a bombing run somehow fails to warp or cloak- Our Sleipnir gets him without much difficulty. A few minutes later another guy (a neutral!) makes a bombing run and Kismo’s Sleipnir gets him too. By this time they have got quite a few on… But nothing comes of it.

Shortly thereafter the POS slipped into reinforced and the timer showed that it’s going to perfectly split the timezones between our different corps.

The possibility of a really good fight is looming on the horizon… And the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether they will bring the fight or withdraw. If they fight, their superior numbers, ships, and home field advantage will probably turn the tide against us.

I hope they fight.

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NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

The last time my corp seriously entered a wormhole – back when wormholes were relatively new – was a catastrophe. We had about 10 people playing regularly at the time, and had some blues that wanted to try out WH space with us. Our blues were being chicken shit and dragging their feet, so we charged ahead entered a nice C5 and set up a death star. IIRC, the goal was to kick someone out of their WH… which we did pretty easily. We even scored all the loot from their POS. No sooner than we’d accomplished this goal (literally as we were scooping teh phat lewtz), we ended up with another band of hooligans in our newly acquired wormhole hounding us.

Well, we’re no cowards.. most of the time.. so we reinforced their POS immediately and it had a 2 or 3 day timer. The next night, they brought in another POS – a death star this time – and got it up while we were sleeping. Things unfolded pretty slowly and for the next day or so we handily won few skirmishes with them. But before their POS could come out of reinforced, they managed to sneak a Thanny into the WH – which meant they not only had more people than us, but also bigger guns. Time to call in those blues who were trying to get their shit together.


Where art thou? Are you coming?


Ooookkk… looks like we were in this by ourselves, and we didn’t have an answer to their Thanny. So we pulled our POS down and exited the WH into another nearby C5. That’s cool, we’ll just wind our way back to low sec and life will be good again. On the first day, a few of us (3?) ran the C5 content and lost some ships. A combination of people without ships, people not logging in because there wasn’t anything to do, and us being unwilling to leave people behind left us with the problem of trying to get everyone through whatever series of WHs we could find to get back home. This paralysis turned one day into two… and three.. and five.. and even six. POS fuel was running dangerously low and our pilots were bored out of their minds – which induced some self destruction and podding to get back to home (low sec). When one did it, a lot did it.. and only two or three of us made it out the next day when the WH opened to Aridia.

And now I’m planning to try and take our even smaller corp into wormhole space to live. We are totally going to rock it.

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The Tier System

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

You ever wonder why more people don’t fly Omens, Feroxes, and Breachers? Well, the answer is pretty simple: the tier system. It’s one of the greatest evils in Eve, because it arbitrarily prevents certain roles from being fulfilled. My absolute favorite example of this is the “T1 Amarr Gank Cruiser” – the Omen.

But, the Omen is a steaming pile of garbage because it’s missing a slot (vs the Tier 3 cruisers) and has absolutely abysmal fittings. Furthermore, this is the primary reason that Amarr T1 cruisers simply *suck*.

Normally I would suggest abolishing the Tier system, but I understand that’s a bit ambitious for today. Instead, I think I could temporarily settle for ~320 more grid and ~50 more CPU. That would let this fit:

[Omen, New Setup 2]
1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Y-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I Microwarpdrive
Warp Disruptor II
Small Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 200

Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency M

Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

Reminds me a lot of the Rupture, but missing a slot. But, not to worry – I desire similar things for the Caracal and other ships that artificially lack fittings.

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Wild and Wooly Mission Running

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

So many people in Eve apparently spend their whole “lives” in high sec. Well, I don’t. So here’s the skinny on missioning in the more wild and woolly parts of Eve. I’ll start off with some mission running basics.

Bounty vs Loot
One of the most frustrating things about missions vs drones and empire factions is that they don’t give bounties. Instead, you have to actually loot the field to get your “bounty”. These are pretty much the only missions where a Marauder is actually the most effective ship to fly (as opposed to a faction BS or a Tengu). Situations where you must loot are problematic because they increase the amount of time investment required for converting your stuff into ISK – effectively they act as a limiter on your ISK/hr.

LP Store Imbalances
Missioning for the wrong corp or faction also acts as a huge limiter on your ISK/hr. It seems like the biggest culprits are:

  • Insane tag requirements (especially on “frigate” items): I think the theory was that there’s more people running L1-3 and more frigates in L4 missions – but the truth of the matter is that there’s a deplorable lack of frigate tags. You can literally buy Jita out of tags for a week and still not have enough for some of the offers. I actually wonder if some of the tags even drop.
  • BPC Offers: Right now, the all the “military” LP stores basically suck. The reason for this is that the 5 run BPC offers cost ~2 items and return 5 items. When I posted this on Eve-O, someone objected that you can get a 5 run Caldari Navy Cruise launcher from the Caldari Navy military story. I make an exception for this single item, since its the only faction weapon which is better than the equivalent T2.
  • Inferior modules: This is pretty self explanatory, and this is one of the primary causes of the Amarr/Caldari LP store dominance.
  • “Incomplete” LP stores: The Pirate LP stores definitely make me think that they’re simply unfinished. You can get the faction ships, the pirate implant sets, and the “crap” pirate ammo that’s worse than empire.

LP vs Raw ISK
The simple fact is that converting LP into ISK is an ISK sink, time sink, and a form of PVP – and that’s why conversations about this spark such huge arguments amongst mission runners. Due to these things, any solution which yields an equivalent amount of raw ISK is naturally superior to any LP based solution. But its not all bad news for LP based solutions; they’re very resistant to devalued ISK from overly abundant ISK faucets.

Pirate 0.0 Missioning

  • Missions top end at ~12K LP
  • LP stores top end at ~1550 ISK/LP.
  • Your missions are almost always against drones, an empire faction, or DED. The almost complete lack of bounty in your missions is a massive hit to your ISK/hr.
  • You will sacrifice your empire standings and never be able to enter high sec again.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time spamming the scan button on d-scan any time someone enters local – which is a massive effort sink over high sec. This effort sink alone kills mission running in dangerous places for many people.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time unable to run missions because of hostiles in local.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time bubble camped in a station.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time waiting for your next mission because the last one was 6 jumps away.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time hauling your goods to market. Not that you can enter high sec to sell them anyway.

And all of that assumes that you’re able to operate with an optimal ship such as a pimped marauder or faction battleship. Once you attempt to mitigate the risk by using an unscannable T3 your mission completion times really go down the drain as well.

The Sansha LP store

  • Standard Amarr Implants (available from all Amarr LP stores)
  • Slave Sets (these drop from both rats and exploration)
  • Ship BPCs (these drop from both rats and exploration)
  • Sansha ammo (Note: not True Sansha, these drop from both rats and exploration)
  • A synth booster BPC (no market, and I think these drop from both rats and exploration)

Faction Warfare Missioning

  • Your missions are always against an empire faction. The complete lack of bounty in your missions combined with the utter infeasibility of taking a Marauder means that near 100% of your income comes from LP conversion (an ISK sink and purely PVP operation, you might remember).
  • Missions top end at ~18K LP
  • LP stores top end at 3K ISK/LP, but realistically at 1800-2200 for anything which actually moves a reasonable amount of LP. That last part is really really important – I spend 3 months waiting for my last batch of 4500 ISK/LP crap to sell.
  • You will sacrifice your empire standings and never be able to enter the opposing factions’ high sec again. While this is a general headache, it means that you have a really good probability of being cut off from important market hubs.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time dual boxing an interceptor and stealth bomber (queue the arguments about cutting your ISK/hr in half).
  • You will spend huge amounts of time traveling. Its not uncommon for your mission destination to be 15-20 jumps away. You can mitigate this by accepting a ton of missions, but now you’re committing yourself to a 4-8 hour marathon mission running session. OH GOD THE EFFORT WTF.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time spamming the scan button on d-scan any time someone enters local – which is a massive effort sink over high sec. This effort sink alone kills mission running in dangerous places for many people. As a bonus, you can use “short range” D-Scan to see if anyone is on their way to your mission. They don’t need to scan you out, because your mission appears on their overview.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time unable to run missions because of hostiles (both pirates and the opposing militia!) camping your missions that appear on their overview. I suggest running missions in the dead of night to mitigate this.

Low Sec Missioning

  • Missions top end at ~11-12k LP (IIRC – I don’t have any Q20 0.1 sec status LP amounts recorded anymore, expect ~8k in 0.4)
  • LP store values follow high sec (700 ISK/LP – 3500 ISK/LP for items which move in noticeable quantities)
  • Your mission composition follows high sec – which means that Amarr low sec offers great missions while Caldari low sec offers crap missions. Minmatar and Gallente are in between but tend to have crap LP stores. Either way, you’re risking a marauder in low sec if you want to loot anything.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time spamming the scan button on d-scan any time someone enters local – which is a massive effort sink over high sec. This effort sink alone kills mission running in dangerous places for many people.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time unable to run missions because of hostiles in local.
  • You will spend huge amounts of time waiting for your next mission because the last one was 6 jumps away.
  • You will spend large amounts of time hauling your goods to market since you can’t really use courier contracts.

Well, I think that’s the long and short of it right now. I may amend this post (or post a follow up!) if the Eve-O discussion located here becomes more interesting.

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On T1 vs Faction Ammo

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

One of the oldest debates I’ve seen about running missions in Eve is whether or not it is cost efficient or profitable to use T2/Faction ammo. While I’m aware its pretty difficult to always use close range high damage ammo, I’ll use it anyway for the sake of comparison. Here’s the current price structure of T2, Faction, and T1 ammo (Jita, rounded up):


  • Imperial Navy Multifreq L – 250 ISK/shot
  • Multifrequency L – 0 ISK/shot
  • Scorch L – 500 ISK/shot


  • EMP L – 110 ISK/shot
  • RF EMP L – 1300 ISK/shot
  • Barrage L – 600 ISK/shot


  • Wrath Cruise – 100 ISK/shot
  • CN Wrath Cruise – 1900 ISK/shot
  • Wrath Fury – 450 ISK/shot

Heavy Missiles

  • Scourge – 35 ISK/shot
  • CN Scourge – 1350 ISK/shot
  • Scourge Fury – 450 ISK/shot


  • Antimatter – 100 ISK/shot
  • Fed Navy Antimatter – 1100 ISK/shot

Obviously, the price difference going up from T1 to faction and T2 is quite substantial – so it at a glance seems like it would not in fact be more profitable to use faction or T2 ammo. But let us explore this some by looking at the mission Gone Berserk. Neglecting blitzing, a mission has a certain “total value” – and thats what we get whether we finish the mission in 10 seconds or in 10 hours. Naturally, its best to have a lower [i]kill time[/i] for a mission.

Down to some mathy stuff:

Gone Berserk

  • LP: 7500 LP @ 1500 ISK/lp ( 11.25M ISK)
  • Bounty: 10.8M ISK
  • Bonus: 1.5M ISK
  • Reward: 1.5M ISK
  • Total Mission Reward: 25M ISK


  • Total Mission Time = Fit Time + Travel Time + Kill Time + Loot Sort Time
  • Effective Mission Payout = (LPAmt * ISK/LP) + Bounty + Bonus + Reward – Total Costs
  • ISK/hr = Effective Mission Payout / Total Mission Time

For the sake of this argument, I’m going to assume some things:

  • Fit Time: 60 seconds (Refitting hardeners, ammo, cap boosters)
  • Travel Time: 90 seconds (Mission in system, you in battleship)
  • Kill Time: 600 seconds (T1 ammo)
  • Loot Sort Time: 0 seconds (Blitzing)
  • Ammo Cost: 100K ISK (Except Amarr)


  • T1 ISK/hr: (25M – 100K) / (150 sec + 600 sec) = 119,520,000 ISK/hr
  • Faction ISK/hr: (25M – 19 * 100K * .85) / (150 sec + (600 sec * .85)) = 127,554,545 ISK/hr

Conclusion: Faction ammo is worth it, and T2 ammo is even more worth it as long as you can make it deal full damage.

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Failure #1

NOTE: I rescued this from my previous blog by using my phone.  Sorry to everyone that commented there, but I couldn’t rescue comments too.

My First Failure in Eve was Posting With My Main. Eve-Search tells me my first post on the Eve-O forums was 2007-02-26 20:23:00, and there’s been 13000 and 14 million characters to follow. At first, it probably wasn’t such a bad choice – I was ignorant and new. Anything that someone could spoon feed me was absorbed. Back then, it was just spreadsheets and QuickFit. Of course, being the rebel I am I didn’t rely overly much on either. I wrote my own applications to calculate the tricky things for me.

But then… then I began to think about what people told me. Some things didn’t make sense. Sometimes the numbers just didn’t add up. Sometimes, they didn’t make sense since that wasn’t what I saw on TQ – everyone was emo raging about how Megas, Myrms, and Blasters were overpowered. But all I could see was how my drones kept dying under sentry fire and I couldn’t ever get in range to shoot someone.

So I spoke up, and was ridiculed. Well, I’m a bit bull headed and didn’t listen. I trained the Drake – damage at range and not reliant on drone damage. If I caught a freighter on a gate that damn thing was going to die dammit! Well, my Drake Spree was pretty awesome – four or five hundred kills and three loses. Oh – and what losses they were, to epic blobs of doom.

Fast forward some time, and one of my best friends in Eve is going to Iraq and he bequeaths his character to me for skill training. The money unpleasantness aside, it was enjoyable. Amarr…. Amarr was awesome. No messing around getting in range, instant ammo swapping, and the much maligned EM damage type suckage was a virtual myth. I spoke up about that too. Oh man did I get flamed for that!

Well, over the years I’ve collected quite the reputation for seeing things in Black & White. Its either perfect, or its garbage. Perhaps the saddest thing is that I totally deserve this reputation. I have ranted – endlessly – over efficiency in PVE and PVP. In Eve, I argue, fights are won and lost by 3% margins. In Eve, I argue, spending 5 minutes less per mission is a big deal. No, its not “okay” to cruise through your L4s with a 3 BCU/2 PDU/3 CCC Raven anymore! 4 BCU, 3 Rigors! And Fury missiles with a painter! Efficiency!

But… that’s why this is my First Failure In Eve. Posting With My Main. I’ve effectively painted myself into a corner – it is literally better for my Forum Persona that I do not undock (ever) in anything that isn’t Perfectly Fit. I would hear about it endlessly as proof about how I’m unqualified I am to speak about anything. And, of course, how I’m a complete idiot.

And they’re right. I’m a complete idiot. For Posting With My Main.

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An Introduction

First, let me introduce myself.  I am Liang Nuren from Eve Online and from Rift.  Eve-Search tells me that I was the 6th most prolific poster on the Eve Online forums with 16,517 posts between 2007-02-26 and 2011-06-24.  It also tells me that there were 17,955,165 typed characters, but this includes quoted text.  I’ve currently got 1,526 posts on the Rift forums, starting 2011-06-28. There’s an enormous amount of information out there about my opinions… and frankly, you’re free to go look at it.  I won’t rehash most of it here.

But, let’s start with where I come from.  A long time ago, in a land literally far, far away I was a little boy (imagine that).  I played on my computer and learned DOS commands and DOS scripting and even some assembly and BASIC.  When Windows rolled around, I thought it was the silliest idea in the world – why click through 10 menus to get what you want, when you can just type it on the command line in a quarter of the time!?  I’ve… somewhat revised this opinion.  But not much.

Back then, I played single player games like Infocom games, King’s Quest, and even Wasteland.  The Infocom games in particular led me to BBSing, where I found Legend of the Red Dragon and Tradewars 2002.  I do not even want to think about how much time I’ve burned on those two… but Tradewars was definitely the major time sink.  Some time later I heard about this crazy invention called “the internet”… except I don’t think it was called that at the time.  Well, I learned about MUDs there.

And there went my life.  For years.  Literally.  I think one of the first games I discovered was The Legend of Terris on AOL.  I played that until it went pay to play, at which time I was forced to quit.  Sadly, I don’t remember my name from there… but I’m sure it was some form of “Red Dwarf” or “Black Dwarf” or some such.  It might have even been some Latin phrase – I think by that time I was in high school where I took 3 years of Latin.  After that, I moved on to other MUDs – some of which I stayed at for a very long time.

I suppose this is a good time to point out that these MUDs are what made me decide that I wanted to know how to “code”.  There’s only so many times that you can wish something operated a different way before you look into how to do it yourself!  I remember that I joined the MUD-Dev list, as well as the ROM-Dev list, and maybe a couple of other MUD development lists.  I remember reading email chains by the original Everquest devs (IIRC) as they debated classes vs classlessness, levels vs levellessness and more.  I find myself wishing I could go back and read those email threads again.  But, I digress.

So I “learned to code” from video games – and from taking CS classes in High School – around this time.  I landed a sweet gig as a Jr Web Designer at a local Web Design shop, but they got bought by a bigger firm and we all got laid off.  I met Manuel LaBore and finished out High School… and then didn’t go to college.  What a bone headed move!  But, I met a wonderful lady and married her just in time for the next school year to start… and, well, I went to college.  I blew through college in 3 years, majoring first in CS and then in Math.  I worked more than full time through it too – which was a necessity when you have a wife and kids.

And then….. and then the .com bubble busted.  This made it kinda hard to get a job and I didn’t get one in my industry for a while.  But oh man, the job I got when I got it!  I did some majorly cool projects at that company – from Perl Monkeying to Data Warehousing to Distributed Processing with first Hadoop and then our own custom solution.  Very, very cool stuff with awesome people.  I eventually moved on after 4-5 years and I’m now helping a new company put together a cool distributed processing data warehouse.  The problems aren’t as hard as my last employer, but the work environment is hard to beat and they’re letting me play with cool toys.  Fun, fun!

So what can you expect to read about in this blog?  Well, there’ll be game theory discussions, for sure.  There’ll probably also be a fair amount of programming talk.  Hit me up on Twitter (@LiangNuren) if you want.  I’ll see if I can snag some of my old blog entries from my Evepress site and put them up here.


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